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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Something else great

Stereo Headphone Earmuffs
I have a terrible time with the cold in my ears when I'm out walking or just being out in the yard. I prefer to have my MP3 player going when I'm walking so having something over my years with the earplugs or headphones was a problem.   I found these in a catalog late last fall and ordered a set for myself and Mr. Smith.  They're amazing!!
They're fleece earmuffs with  built-in headphones that are compatible with MP3 players, iPods, cell phones.
They're adjustable and will extend out to 14-1/2 inches fully stretched.  (They even fit Mr. Smith's head.)
It has a 39" cord.
Folds up for storage.
I found them at Lakeside Collections and they're on sale now for $4.95.  ( I just ordered 2 more to have on hand in case we wear out the ones we're using now.)  If you get the catalog, they're on page 49 of their
Spring Delights catalog.


Jessica said...

When I first opened the page, I was like, "Um, Ma? Who's that guy?" =)

I like that you can't really tell that they're headphones - they're not the enormous earmuffs of old. =)

Mom said...

Hey, good idea! I just ordered some also. Maybe this will get me out and about - when I can! Thanks for the idea.