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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Prayer Box

I have this little box I keep all my prayer requests in.
If I have offered you prayers and/or blessings, you are in my box.
These medallions were a gift to me from a family of one of my patients when I was still working
at the Children's Hospital.  They have a permanent place in my box and I think of that patient every time I open that box.
Keeping my box, holding it in my hands each day, I am certain that I don't forget anyone.
Prayer is important to me.
People count on it and rely on the results.
It is my communication with my God.  I know He hears.

I lovingly place my prayers in Your hands, God.  I have declared my intentions with a whole heart, and now I release them so You can fulfill them.  I recognize that manifestation is a glorious co-creative process in which I do my part and You do Yours.  I trust You to take care of what I cannot, and I give up any sense of anxiety, resting secure in the comfort of Your strength.  I offer my visions to the magnificent, invisible power that brings forth healing in miraculous ways.  I let go and let God.
~from "Handle With Prayer" (Alan Cohen)


flip flops and pearls said...

I love you Weezer.... you know that??


I love your heart. I love everything about you. So glad we became friends via cyber space. Can't wait till we meet IRL!

Merana Leigh said...

I LOVE this!! I saw something similar to this awhile back & thought to myself..."I know JUST the box I want to use...now I just have to FIND it!" I found it last week. Time to get my scraps of paper to put into it as I pray for that person, that situation (yes, even my own), my new blogging buddies & their needs, those hurting in this world....hmmm, the list does go on & on, doesn't it? But that's a beautiful thing really. Because of Jesus, we have the privilege of communicating with the Creator.

Thank you for the lovely post. And for following me! Hugs ~ Merana

Coffeypot said...

I love the Celtic Cross on your prayer box. I wear one around my neck. I am anti-religion, but I do pray to my God. We have a pretty good one-on-one relationship...regardless of what you see on my blog or emails.

5thsister said...

I absolutely love this idea. I need to do the same as it will help focus me during my daily prayers and meditation. You are a true gift from God, Weezer my friend. Don't ever change!

Rose said...

just a beautiful post. prayer is very important. thanks for your commet on my blog re military. it is a saddness that we have war and soldiers die. i'm familiar with your hometown.i live in Rome ga, north of Atlanta. hope it's a good Sunday. rose

Patrice said...

Please put my friend, Laurie in your prayer box. She's dealing with cancer.
Blessings, Weezer!

Mom said...

I just knew when I gave you this "Prayer Box" you would find the perfect use for it. Now I have another prayer request for you to put in your Prayer Box. Your Aunt Jane may have the cancer again (or spreading). The last blood tests were not as they should be.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

weezer, this is beautiful!!!

Mom said...

Your Aunt Jane has started her chemo treatments again. Also your Uncle Murray as they are still keeping a close watch on his last cancer treatments.