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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sunday blessing

Worship is where I top off my cup of joy.
I'm able to kneel in the presence of God
and be thankful for His wisdom,
knowledge, and foresight.
He is faithful in the obvious
and not-so-obvious things,
even when I am shortsighted.
--from Light for my Path for Nurses;
Tracey Larson, RN

Have a blessed day.  See you tomorrow.


grandmasongbird said...

Did you take that picture? That's awesome!

grandmasongbird said...

CRAP!!! This is becca. I'm signed in as my mom. DOH!

Jessica said...

Sorry you couldn't be there this morning. You'll have to grab it on CD....or listen online.

Angelia said...

I heard Amazing Grace last night. How perfect on Sunday. It made my day when it came on the radio.