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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Spiritual Sunday ~ 'Chosen Generation'

There are just some days when you feel like God is trying to get your attention.
This morning I was awakend by my clock radio to Chris Tomlin's 'Chosen Generation'.

As I cranked my car to head to church, there it was again.  'Chosen Generation'.

Got to church and guess what the first song was that we sang!  'Chosen Generation'.
And then.....
John was preaching on his Three Wishes for the church community for the new year.  He said to me (I take some of John's sermons very personally) that being the chosen generation, we need to
and do something you simply couldn't do without God.
God has unlimited vision and sees unlimited potential in all of us.  There's more to our spiritual life than trying to keep our heads above water.  It's hard to dream big when that's our only goal."

So, once again, as I knelt in prayer at the altar, I asked God, "Even though I feel like I've dreamed big dreams and ventured way out of my comfort zone with my trip to Belize and offering myself up as a lay person, 'Am I where you want me to be, doing what you want me to do?  I hear you trying to get my attention but what next?"
I share 'Chosen Generation' with you.


sarah said...

never heard the song...love it. I can feel it inside and love what you wrote. Dreaming big...wishing you His best for the new year.

Donnie said...

A lovely post. I had not heard this song before. Have a blessed New Year.

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

I just love Chris Tomlin and his music, his song "I will Rise" always speaks to me.

I moved by your spirit to keep humble and keep asking God for guidance and usage. You are a true example of walking with God.

I have had a nudging to write about my baptism. My three year anniversary is coming up and he is telling me to share our story.

I can't wait. I know it's time to bring it to the blog. I should have it up by Jan. 8th. :-)

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this inspiring post and the beautiful video.
Blessings in this new year.