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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morsels

Just some miscellaneous thoughts and drivel to get the week jump-started.

Do you have a Rants and/or Raves section of your newspaper?  We do and though I try to avoid that column, sometimes something will catch my eye:

JUST TO BE CLEAR, I am an animal lover too. 
Cows, medium rare; pigs, bbq'ed; birds, fried; dogs and cats spoiled.
Posted in the Augusta Chronicle by Roadkill.

Have you tried the new Townhouse Flatbread Crisps?
They're unbelievable.  I found mine at Walmart.  They're really, really good
with cream cheese....either plain or salmon.

Why do manufacturers have to individually wrap tea bags? 
And these are WalMart brand.

To the woman behind me in WalMart:
Please teach your son that it isn't nice to point at old ladies' feet, laugh, and then say, 'Yew!"
I'm sorry.  I forgot to change my shoes before I went out.


5thsister said...

No! He didn't! Eeew? That's just plain rude, even if it is true! Thankfully, no one said that about my hair yesterday (read today's post). Have a great week Weezer!