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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morsels #19

To the Sears people:
When we purchased our freezer from you 25+ years ago, you didn't bother to tell us that one day the thing would just up and decide to be cool.......but not cold.  What good is a freezer that doesn't freeze?
Our freezer has now become a cooler.

After I removed everything from the freezer that needed to be frozen and found room in the upright side-by-side, threw away everything that had completely thawed (like the popsicles and ice cream), and placed things in there that just needed to be cool (soft drinks, bottles of water, bread), guess what happened~!
No, go ahead and guess.
Well, the darn thing decided to get cold.....really cold.......frozen cold.  So now things that aren't supposed to be frozen........are.
What's a person to do?  It's a mechanical conspiracy.
Mister is recovering nicely from having a septoplasty (a nose-job for a deviated septum) last week.  I don't know how they do these procedures but he hasn't had any bruising or swelling with it.  No black eyes. 
Today I'll take him back to the surgeon to have the stints removed.  Thank goodness for Percocet!
The new neighbors continue to be a nuisance.  For the past 12 hours I've heard the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the bass on their radio.  No, no.  I'll just suffer in silence and won't say anything.  I just hope there's a thunderstorm soon that will drive them in-doors.

(from Frayed Lotus @ belief.net)

Poor ol' Lance should have quit with the 12th tour.  The 13th has been a disaster for him.  There's no chance of another yellow jersey.  At this point in the tour, he's just trying to make it to Paris to finish.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your posts always make me laugh.....Happy Monday

Stuff could always be worse said...

Glad Mister is doing fine, today's meds and surgeries are amazing. Love your cartoons.

Erin Wallace said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my site. It seems there are a lot of us out in bloggerland. Anyhow, I think you should go over to your neighbors in some outfit that only a teenager should wear with some sort of booze and tell them since you hear their music all day long you thought you should just join the party. And then turn into someone from Maury Povich. Totally make them horrified. And keep inviting yourself until they realize that the horrifying Maury lady is going to keep coming by as long as we turn the music up. That, or you could bake them some amazing cookies and ask them to turn down the bass. One or the other.

xo Erin

Karen Mortensen said...

Love all the pictures especailly Maxine. I just love her.