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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I recommend.....

I know you've seen commercials on TV in months past about a new style of walking shoe (Shape-Ups) that is manufactured by an athletic shoe company (starts with an S).  As a walker, I've been more than mildly curious about them.  They claim to help in toning muscles in your legs and butt.  I checked them out recently while shoe shopping at one of my most favorite places, Academy Sports.  Well, long story short, I couldn't afford to put that much money into a shoe that might or might not work for me.
I have arthritis in the ball of my left foot and in my right ankle and heel.  If I find a shoe that is comfortable for my right foot, it's way too tight for my left one.
Recently I saw an ad on TV about a similar style shoe, manufactured by one of my favorite shoe lines, Champion Footwear.  They sell their shoes at Payless....which I found to be in my favor already.
I went and bought a pair.  For $39.99.......less than half the price of what the other brand sells for.
Okay.  Price is great!  It's a brand-name that has always worked well for me.  It's for sale at a store that calls my name when I drive by.  A size 8 fits both feet.
If you do much walking, for whatever reason, you've got to get a pair of these shoes.  If I was still working, I'd have a pair for work.  They're that great.
Both yesterday morning and again this morning I went out and after a 3-mile walk, I could tell that I'd walked long enough to do me some good.  Who knew that there were still muscles hidden down under all that......?
Not only are they great for the leg muscles, but I find that they force you to stand more upright. 
I can't find anything wrong with them.
I love them and just might someday soon go back and get another pair to have on reserve in the closet.


5thsister said...

I'll have to check them out the next time I'm at Payless. Thanks for the heads up and recommendation.

Erin said...

I have been curious about these kinds of shoes, too! glad you found some you love!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! i love new visitors!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Glad you found the shoes, I may look for them, when I walk more...

Mom said...

Going to look for a Payless Shoe store in Columbus now.

rose said...

i need new shoes may have to look at these. thanks. have a good day.