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Friday, May 07, 2010

Tommy and the Patriot Guard Riders

Tommy, my younger brother, shared with me his first YouTube video.  Saying this is his first, I hope he'll do others. 
You'd have to know Tommy to appreciate the enormity of his riding.  He suffers from Fibromyalgia and other neurological problems.  I am so proud of him and that he has found something that he loves to do.  Nothing keeps him from doing what he has a passion for.  He is a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, an organization over 100,000 strong that attends the funerals of members of the United States Armed Forces, firemen, police, and EMTs at the invitation of the deceased’s family.

How can you not be proud of someone who has such a passion and puts his own comfort on the line  to participate. Last year he rode from New York to Columbus, Georgia, accompanying a part of the World Trade Center that was being placed and dedicated at the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.
So when you're driving down the road and see a large band of these 'Strangers on Steel Horses', don't do as I have in the past and think about them as being just another huge, rough, looking-for-trouble motorcycle gang.  They may very well be Patriot Guard Riders on their way to pay a tribute to a fallen hero.


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yes love the fact, that he is doing a great job