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Friday, May 07, 2010

Time with the babies

Every child instinctively knows what many adults have loing since forgotten:
Our differences are not something to be tolerated, they are something to be celebrated.

Tuesday was a special day.  I got to watch Ashley Marie during the morning and early afternoon. 
When her mother got back, she had new pictures of Cadence.
Then during the evening hours, it was my Tuesday evening with Leah.
And while I was with Leah, I received a new picture of Shelby on my phone. 
So I felt like I'd spent time with all four of the babies. 
 Five, if you count Grace.  She's so much like a toddler herself.
Nothing could be finer!
Ashley Marie and Grace.  You'd have to know this child to know just how rare it is to see her like this.  Grace was even surprised by it.
Ashley Marie's little sister, Cadence.  We're still expecting her the end of July.
Isn't this amazing!?
When I get there most Tuesdays, Leah is working on her supper.  I always take her a surprise to have after she eats.  This time it was a Zinger. 

This was the first time she wasn't happy about Mommy leaving. 
I know it broke Mommy's heart hearing her so unhappy. 
"Maybe she didn't close it all the way.  Just a little bit more."
Mommy really would have been upset if she'd seen her.
"Oh, I just know she's not ever going to come back."
"Wait.  What?  Did Weezer say something about
my Zinger?  I thought I finished it."
She was fine by the time Mommy got to the end of the driveway.

And finally, my big girl, Shelby Jo.
Greenville, SC seems so far away.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Oh what cute photos, lovely! glad you are going to help the needy, you will enjoy it!

Mom/Great Granny said...

Oh how I envy you being able to spend time with these babies. I swear when I look at the new baby pictures she already looks like Ashley Marie! I wish I could just be with and hold all FOUR of these girls!