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Thursday, May 06, 2010

National Day of Prayer

Prayer has always been difficult for me.  I've heard peope say, "I just talk toGod like He's sitting across the table from me."  Well, good enough.  But even a conversation with a flesh and blood friend is difficult for me. Conversation is difficult when it's someone I know well.  A stranger is easier.  I'm just paranoid enough to feel like I'm being judged by the words coming from my mouth.  They sound pretty good as they're rattling around in my head, but something dreadful happens to them as they tumble out over my lips.
Recently, I've made an effort to be more consistent in my prayer. Not just in my times of bad moods or dark depression, but also during the positive 'I've had a good day' times.
How terrible it must be from God's perspective to only hear from those who are asking for something.  I've known people like that. Those that only make contact when things aren't going well.  It gets tiresome and whatever words of encouragement you ofer fall on ears listening to their own whining and complaints.  Oh, how I'd love to get a call and have them say thanks for the advice or for just listening.  I have no doubt that God is the same way.
It takes a real discipline to go to God and thank Him for the good rather than just reporting the bad.

"Pray without ceasing."
Thessalonians 5:17

And that's my new goal.  Rather than talking to myself as I'm so prone to do, I picture God standing, walking, or sitting there with me.

"Thank you, God, for letting me have this little piece of heaven on earth.  It makes me so happy to be here with You."
Today is the 59th National Day of Prayer.  Despite the earthly powers that be wanting to take this day from Christians, there were rallies, luncheons, and celebrating events everywhere.  This first Thursday of May will be a Day of Prayer with or without a label on the calendar.  Christians are not limited to just this one day of the year in which to gather and share prayer with fellow believers.  Unconstitutional?  I think not.  I live by the Constitution of the Bible and no one will take that from me.
I don't need a National Day of Prayer.  Instead, I'll have Personal Days of Prayer.  Everyday.