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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mom's Post-Op Results

My Momma had her shoulder surgery on Tuesday.  I'm very optimistic about the results of the surgery.  Right this minute I'm waiting to hear if they're going to send her home today.  I'm hoping that they'll keep her one more day.
The surgery was interesting.  They call it a REVERSE shoulder replacement.  Instead of the joint ball head being on the long bone of the arm (humerous), it's in the upper part of the shoulder.  The cuff is on the end of the humerous.  Neat, huh?  Photos of the procedure are interesting to even those who have no medical in-the-know.
I have yet to see the incision site so I don't know how extensive that is.  They were hoping to use the old incision from when they placed a prosthesis after her shoulder break about seven years back.  She had several hours of post-op nausea that could have been avoided if she'd told them that she had a problem after her last surgery anesthesia. She had a significant blood loss during surgery so they've been checking her blood work.  We thought a transfusion might be necessary.  So far that hasn't been necessary.
She's doing well.  Miraculously they're able to keep her pain under control.  My main concern at this point is her blood pressure.  For someone who is extremely hypertensive (200s/100s) she's now running hypotensive.  The last BP I saw on her yesterday was 93/56.
So today, they've removed her drains and said that she could come home but she's one again having nausea and is light-headed.  Diddy is up there with her now so I'm waiting to hear what their plan is.


Stuff could always be worse said...

It is amazing what they can do with surgery now.

Jessica said...

I have no idea how they do that surgery, but I hope it works! I'll be anxious to hear how she's feeling later today and if they let her go home.

Anonymous said...

So glad to read the surgery went well. Shoulder surgeries are common in my family and everyone is very happy once the 6-8 week recovery is complete. Hope the same will be said for your mother.