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Friday, February 05, 2010

Tea for Two #3

A few years back we Mr. Smith contemplated the idea of a new house.  There was some major road highway construction starting near our area.  We did, in fact, look at some places....he more than I.
I didn't want another house.  The girls were grown and out on their own in their own places and while working, I just didn't feel like I could handle any thing bigger, much less go through a move. 
We moved into this place in 1986.  Angelia was 13; Jessica, 5; and Ashley, 4.  They didn't want us to move and were emotional about it.  I felt that I could move anywhere if necessary but I'd never be able to make another home like what we have.
This place, home, has seen kindergarten, high school, college, and tech school graduations.  All the preparations for three weddings have taken place here.  There has been excitement and anticipation as we wait for the birth of grandbabies.
It is our castle, a place of peace, calm, and comfort.

From a plaque on our kitchen wall:
We believe in living deeply, laughing often and loving always.
We believe we were brought together for each other.
We believe in celebrating together ~ our faith, our heritage, our traditions.
We believe that everyone's feelings count and that the uniqueness of each of us strengthens all of us.
We believe in the power of forgiveness to heal and in the power of love to carry us through.
We believe in one another in this family,

I'd share our home with you if you could join me for a cup of tea.


Angelia (Texas) said...

I love that plaque. What a welcoming warm home you have. Thank you for sharing that. :-)

Angelia said...

Aw. Thanks, Mom!
It's great to know that after traveling for a couple hours it will always be "HOME".