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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Excitement not measured

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Angelia, the oldest daughter, is coming down from Greenville.  Together, she and I with her two sisters, are going to go to a movie.  We haven't done anything together, just the four of us, since we all went shopping for either wedding or bridesmaids dresses about four years ago.

Later this afternoon, we're all going to meet at Pizza Hut (my choice) for dinner.

I am so excited.  What a wonderful loving way to celebrate my birthday.


Beccalynn said...

Happy Birthday! I have two bloggy presents for you at my Cloth Diaper Blog. Go check them out!
(I can't say that they are birthday presents as I didn't know about your birthday til I read this post)

5thsister said...

Sounds like wonderful birthday plans!