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Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl 44 - and the winner is......

The winner of the Super Bowl and the Vince Lombardy trophy: 
New Orleans Saints

Good game, guys.  For the first time in years and years, the game was actually much more entertaining than the commercials.  You weren't my choice to win and I'm not real crazy about your style of play, but my hat's off to you.  You played this game like pros.

As for you Colts.  Come on, you guys.  What in the world was wrong with you?  From the first quarter, even though you took the lead early on, Peyton looked like he had missed three nights of sleep.  Where was the energy? The heart?  The oomph that I've seen all season long.  Maybe it just wasn't meant to be your year.  Maybe you took too much of the media hype to heart.  But it was almost as if you left part of your heart and spirit in Indianapolis.

And I don't know that I even want to get into what was supposed to be entertaining commercials....
but how many people do we have to see in their underwear in a 3-hour time span?
Before the half-time show (which I definitely don't want to talk about) I was getting up during the commercials to clean up the kitchen. 

Another year of football gone.  With all the talks of money and contracts, I'm wondering what kind of season we'll have coming up.  I guess I'll be without my sports until spring season and the bats and gloves make their appearance on the diamond.  Basketball has never been my thing.  So.  I'll get all my jerseys washed and packed away for another season.

Congratulations, New Orleans.
Good game.
May the Saints go marching on.


5thsister said...

That on sides opening kick off in the 2nd half was, as one of commenters put it, a gutsy move. Although I've never been a real Saints fan, the win was definitely well earned and I am very happy for the city of New Orleans.

I wrote about The Who, too! Funny.

As far as commercials go...Go Daddy has got to go. That was practically porn.