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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remembering Captain Phil

I was introduced to the Deadliest Catch (a reality show about crab fishermen) on the Discovery Channel by Angelia after the first season.  I caught up with the shows by watching a marathon of shows on my on-demand channel, started the second season fresh, and have watched the show religiously ever since.

You can't watch the show without getting to know the captain of each ship and their small crews.  They become as familiar as the ever popular stars of daytime soaps.  Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie was my favorite.
Capt. Phil Harris stood tall, liked to bark orders, had tattoos all over his arms, and gave the expression  'cussing like a sailor' a definition. He chain-smoked (most of them do) and his diet left a lot to be desired.  He slept little on ship, causing wonder as to just how he or any of them could survive season after season living that kind of life.  In short, the Seattle native was a one-of-a-kind character.  Through his gruff exterior, he was a gentle man who was devoted to his family, his fellow fishermen, and the sea.

Captain Harris died Feb. 9, a week and half after suffering a massive stroke on his beloved fishing vessel, Cornelia Marie.
I don't know if the show will be the same without him.  It lagged a bit when ol' Captain was off a season with a blood clot in his lung.
I am honestly going to miss the old Captain.

Captain Phil and his sons


Angelia said...

Mom, that was very sweet.
I'm sure members of his family would be touched by your sentiment.
I agree with you. I have trouble thinking about what the new season will be like since his passing.
I love this.

5thsister said...

I never watched the show regularly but do remember Captain Phil. He was a character for sure but you could tell he was committed to his family and his crew. God speed!