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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Y'all Staying Warm?

I just saw on the Weather Channel that much of the country north of me here in Georgia is under a "Winter Wollop".  Washington, DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Boston.......  Some places as much as 24 inches of snow.
I've been in that kind of weather.  We were in Virginia at the time and they had predicted 'light flurries'.  We wound up with 3-4 foot drifts.

 I'm praying that y'all are used to this kind of weather and have provisions stashed away.
I don't do well in cold weather and that all seems pretty miserable to me.
Y'all stay safe and warm.


Angelia said...

No snow here. Just ice. All's well. It's slowly melting away now.

5thsister said...

It was pretty treacherous around rush hour yesterday. I just took Daisy for a walk and everything seems to be in the melting stage. I'm staying warm with Mr. Radiant (heater, that is) at my feet. I need to head off to work in about 45 minutes, though. Bummer.