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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Linda Needs.........

5th Sister (Polly) posted a needs list on her blog this morning that's such a fun thing to do.  Evidently this is something that has been going around and she's done it before but, of course, being the technologically challenged person that I am, and a relatively new member of the blog-o-sphere, it's new to me.  Try it.
Google your name and put "needs" after it and take the first 10 or 15 headings and come up with your own 'Needs list'.  Quite entertaining.
Oh.  I used my real name......Linda.  You can only imagine what kind of things popped up when I googled 'Weezer'.  Yeah..........

1.  Linda needs Mental Help.
2.  Linda needs Make-over Magic.
3.  Linda needs to memorize words for her Korean class.  (Hmmmm.)
4.  Linda needs your prayers.
5.  Linda needs Encouragement and Support.
6.  Linda needs some new jeans.
7.  Linda needs Hulk Hogan in Jail. (!!!!)
8.  Linda needs a new best friend.
9.  Linda needs as much free space at the front of the platform as possible.
10.  Linda needs a new perspective.
11.  Linda needs an extraordinary meeting.
12.  Linda needs phone numbers.
13.  Linda needs a new room mate.
14.  Linda needs more athletic and recreational facilities.
15.  Linda needs Professional Help.


5thsister said...

Do I detect a theme? LOL!

Jessica said...

Oh, gosh.....these are too, too funny! I may have to do this.

maya said...

Great job on your 28 days!

Angelia said...

Such a neat idea. I followed suit.