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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"When We Were Little" Wednesday

Doing these "When We Were Little" posts have been great for me.  I keep finding photographs that I know some information about but not everything.  I'm lucky enough to still be able to ask my folks questions and get the details that I lack. 
That's me on the left in the B&W photo.  I was about 18 months old, according to my mother.
Well, shoot.  That's me in the color photo on the right, too.  Just a few years separate the two time-wise.
I knew that I'd gotten the little red outfit from my Uncle Don.  (And I still have that outfit, by the way.)
Evidently we were living in Arlington, Virginia and my Uncle Don was on his way to Korea.  He sent the outfit from Chinatown in California.
There's another outfit, a blue satin pajama set, that my Diddy sent from Korea.  I know the two outfits are in the same box and I'll let you see that one, too, when I find it and the photographs.
It's okay if you look at these and aren't interested.  But I know my girls look.
And besides.  I was just too darn cute to not show you the pictures.  Right?


Angelia said...

oh wow! if I had known about those I would have had Shelby's pictures taken in them. They would have gone great with the collection I've started with her in the asian outfits.
You look great, btw!

Angelia said...

Now that I take a closer look at the most current picture, when was that taken?
You don't have that chair anymore.
Well, anyway, you still look good!

5thsister said...

Unfortunately I do not have many mementos from my childhood. That outfit is amazing!

Jessica said...

Too, too cute! I remember taking the blue outfit to school in 4th grade for an oral report I did on Korea. Remember that?

Angelia (Texas) said...

Oh, that is so cute! And how precious that you still have it. Amazing!

We have a little blue coat, and little rings that passed down two generations with pictures taken with them. Good stuff for the soul.