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Monday, November 09, 2009

No Smoking ~ Day #5

Being Sunday, a day when I would have had more limited activities, I found it to be a very difficult day towards my new project.  I've battled demons all day, starting with trying to get ready for church.  It seems that I've forgotten how to do things using two hands.  Every activity seems to be off-balance somehow.
After church I met my husband and mother-in-law for lunch.  I'm a fast eater and when I was finished with my lunch, I was ready to move on.  I wasn't able to just sit and chat while they finished.  My coffee didn't taste right, even with dessert. 
My dad, an old Army veteran, called me this evening to check on my progress and to bestow on me all the reasons he smoked for years and years, WHY he quit, and HOW he quit.  Normally, after answering the telephone, I would grab my cigarettes and walk out to the patio to smoke while talking.  I found that it was difficult to focus on the conversation for trying to beat off the desire for a cigarette.
My husband reminded me tonight that years ago when we went through Smoke Stoppers one of the little verbal encouragements they offered was "The urge for a cigarette will go eventually go away, whether you smoke a cigarette or don't smoke one."
This is such an exhausting thing to undertake.  It doesn't help that sleep patterns are totally messed up.  I guess I'll just have to work on making all these new routines permanent.
Many, many thanks for all the support I've received from my blog followers and my family.  I this probably isn't the most entertaining thing to find on one's blog, but it's good therapy for me.


Beccalynn said...

You can do it!!! It will be so worth it when you get to the reward at the end of this difficult journey!

Beccalynn said...

Oh. Diaper stripping is necessary on many of the new cloth diapers because the absorbent layers are usually made of microfibers or hemp (which is all natural and VERY absorbent) so they collect a build up of detergent over time. This decreases their absorbency and makes it so that you have to STRIP the diapers of the buildup. There are lots of ways to do it. LOTS AND LOTS of rinses, using dish soap and rinsing til the bubbles go away, white vinegar, oxy clean, Baking soda--and a whole slew of other methods that I've forgotten. I just did a lot of research to figure this out.

Your word verification is "dressupp" No lie!

Deidra said...

Just one moment at a time.
Just one.

I am confident
that you can do this.


Be blessed!