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Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Took the Oath

I've just found this Blog at Jumpingtandem.com. that has this oath that is very meaningful to me.  I hope I've not violated any rules by copying and pasting the explanation here.  I mean only respect in doing so in an attempt to broadcast it further.

The OATH means using Only Adjectives That Heal/Help. Won't you join me in the OATH? For the next twenty-one days, make a commitment not to let yourself speak badly about yourself. Only good self-talk allowed. Keep these thoughts in mind:
1. If you've been engaged in negative self talk for awhile, if it's become your habit, it might be hard to just stop cold turkey. I know it was for me. So I just started by applying some mother wit to myself: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Start there.

2. The OATH is not about bragging. There is a difference between being a braggart and loving the person God created you to be. Love yourself. Just don't boast or brag.

3. If you slip back into your old habit, just switch gears and start again. Don't beat yourself up. Just move on.

4. Soon you'll find yourself thinking differently about yourself, and that will spill over into your relationships with others. You'll have more grace, more patience, and more love. I don't know how it works or why it works, but it does.


5thsister said...

That's a great oath, isn't it. I'm doing it to. I find I am catching myself with numerous negative adjectives. It's quite an effort to change one's mindset.

I believe what you did with Diedra's oath (copy/paste) is EXACTLY what she intended.

Take care!

Deidra said...

It IS exactly what I intended! (Thanks, 5th Sister!)

Weezer - I'm so glad you're joining us! It's certainly a mind shift, isn't it, to see ourselves the way God sees us? Grace and peace to you my dear friend.

Beccalynn said...

Hey, Weezer! (I feel weird calling you that since you're Jess's mom. I feel I should be calling you Mrs. ___) anyway, I'm just responding to your comment on my cloth diaper blog :-D. I have about 17 of those diapers and two more on the way from an online store. THey are more high maintenance than the old school ones, but I like them. They're so cute and they do the job!

Jessica said...

Preach it! I'm in! (Of course, I have a LOT of things to post and I might forget, but remind me if it doesn't show up in a few days.)