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Saturday, October 10, 2009

There hasn't been much happening with me today but I want to share with you this photograph and story that was sent on to me. It's very, very heart-tugging. I feel so badly for all the families that are having their lives disrupted by the wars. Coming from a military family, I can understand it but more and more I'm not happy with the way our military people are having to do their jobs. I continue to pray for all of them. I hope you will do the same

Paige Bennethum, 4, holds her daddy's hand as he lines up in formation before heading to Iraq. Some things are just not allowed when soldiers are standing in formation. One of them is 4-year-old girls. However, there was no soldier stern enough to pry Paige Bennethum of Laureldale, Pa. from her father as he prepared to leave last July for a year-long deployment in Iraq.
Abby Bennethum captured her daughter's emotions in a photograph that she passed along to
the Reading Eagle, the newspaper in Berks County, Pa. The image immediately captured many other people's emotions.
Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum was preparing to depart from Fort Dix, N.J., for Iraq, leaving behind his pregnant wife and two little girls. His family was there to see him off. His commanding officer didn't have the heart to tell Paige she had to let go of her daddy.
"I didn't want to let go of him," she told
NBC Philadelphia.
Sgt. Bennethum, 30, is scheduled to return home next July. Until then, he's transporting supplies across the Iraqi border. He serves with the 733rd Transportation Company based in Reading, Pa.
Abby Bennethum said she got pregnant right before her husband left for Iraq. "I've heard of deployment babies, but I never thought I'd be having one," she told the Reading Eagle. The couple's other daughter, Lena, is just 10 months old.
Staff Sgt. Bennethum got a four-day pass so he could spend some quality time with his family and they could make the two-hour trip to Fort Dix to see him off. Almost immediately upon arrival, his commanding officer ordered the soldiers to fall in.
"Gotta go," he told his family. But Paige walked up behind him in formation, grabbed his right hand and would not let go.
"I called her a couple of times, but she wouldn't budge," her mother said. She still wishes she was holding her father's hand.
"I just miss my dad right now,"
Paige told NBC.


Angelia said...

I've read this story so many times and it leaves a deep impression on me everytime.
This picture should be one of those TimeLife pictures of the year. You know like the one of the firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero?
It captures the the feeling of family in time of war.

Beccalynn said...

That's a tear-jerker! Now that I'm a mom myself things like this rub me like they never did before!

I gotta say, I hate war. Necessary or not.

...and as a response to your comment:

I'd also love for you to get my hands on my daughter because it means I'd be in town to get my hands on Leah!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness......that just breaks my heart! That's so sad. That poor little girl....