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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Nice Visit

Angelia and Shelby came to visit this past weekend. Actually Angelia came to attend a baby shower of one of her friends but I'd like to think that they would have come to visit even if she hadn't had the prior engagement. It was a great visit and it was so good to see the two of them. They got to see GreatMother's new home and Angelia and I spent time doing some odd jobs for GreatMother around the house.

Shelby Jo is as energetic as always. She actually spent more time playing with her big purple ball than she did 'performing' on the big stage in the back yard. These are just some of the many faces of Shelby Jo:

And then there are pictures of the before-mentioned energy: And my favorite:


Jessica said...

Great pictures! You'd think she grew up in front of cameras or something......