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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Safe in my yard

Yesterday I decided to get outside and do a little yard work. It's not something I can do for long periods of time like I used to do, but I still love it and love being outside. My project: clip back the Lady Banks rose and jasmine outside the kitchen window. It's gotten so big and so overgrown that it's keeping the sunshine from getting to the grass. So the grass won't grow under this arbor of vines. I got together all my tools with the large can I was going to use for disposing my scraps. I took one cut at the vines with my shears and out of the tree behind me came the most horrible, agonizing cry I've heard. It was a bird. A large Brown Thrasher (Georgia State bird). But why was it screaming at me. It would get right on top of the fence and the overgrown vines and screech and scream. I asked and asked what it was that had it so upset and it (SHE!) finally showed me. High in the mass of vines was a nest. Momma bird was protecting her nest. I told her, "Okay, okay. Enough said. Let me know when you've set those babies free."

My Diddy would tell me again that the birds can tell when things don't get cut back and are safe. So for now, the Brown Thrashers are safe while the project is on hold. I can see Momma bird out my kitchen window and I'll watch for the release of the babies. I'ved watched Cardinals and Carolina Wrens raised in my yard. Now I've got Brown Thrashers.


Jessica said...

See........if I actually had stuff in my yard we might have neat stories like that. One day. One day we shall.

I see you figured out the ticker thing and how to get it to stay up there. Told you it was easy! =)

I'm proud of what you're doing on here. Have I told you that?

Jessica said...

I like the new template and colors! Yay!