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Thursday, January 13, 2011

First a little leak, then........

you get a plumber that you think is a good one because he's done a good job in the past.  You get a little nervous when you realize that he's using a sledge hammer to remove the tile around the faucet that's leaking.
Now there's a big hole in the bath.
Then because you trusted him, you give the tileman that he recommends a chance. But you decide not to go with that tileman because he doesn't seem to understand the concept of giving an estimate......and if you could get one from him, you probably wouldn't be able to understand him.
So, you get in touch with the contractor that designed and built your deck a few years back.  He comes, looks, and smiles. (Can't you just hear the dollar signs clicking away?)
The tile on the walls in the bathroom had been cracked and damaged (oh, from the sledge hammer) and it would be best to go ahead and replace it all.

So that's what we've been listening to.  Workers here to replace all the tile in the bathroom because of a leak in the faucet that turned out to be something beyond a do-it-yourself man.

Be sure you know who's attacking your walls with a sledge hammer.  There might be an easier way.  Which we found out later.
Oh. The first plumber guy was here in August.  Time certainly goes by quickly when you're having



HollyC said...

Oh, Ms. Weezer I feel your pain!! We're going through an ordeal that resulted from a leak in a hot water heater! Fun times!!