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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prayers, please

Okay.  I've been away for a few days.  Since Thursday.  Where am I?  I'm sitting, under the influence of Darvocet, high dose Motrin, and some other pain med that starts with a 'Z', I think. 
What happened?  Last Thursday afternoon, after taking Mister's car to be worked on, we came home and with full intention of having a nap.  I had had Leah all morning and this poor ol' Weezer needed a nap!
We got home, I went out to turn the water on in the back yard.  And while checking to make sure the sprinkler was hitting the bushes that needed it most, I think I stepped on the garden hose.  It rolled under my foot and I lost my balance.  All I could think of at the time was that I couldn't land on the garden wall or it would break my hip.  I must have planted my foot and thus bent it in a direction it wasn't meant to bend.  I knew immediately what I had done.  BROKE MY ANKLE!  There I was, laying on the ground in the back of the yard.
Mister has a hearing deficit and as I drug myself to the back door, I alternately yelled his name, drag, drag, drag, yell.  Drag, drag, drag, yell.    I knew he wouldn't hear me.  All the while my poor dog, Grace is getting upset because she thinks I'm yelling at her.
I got to the door, opened it, still laying on the ground.  Finally got Mister's attention.

To shorten this a bit since I need to take some more medicine, we called 911 and got an ambulance.  Got me to the hospital, they x-rayed and reported that my ankle is a mess.  Now, what further complicates this is that this is the very ankle that I broke back in 1994, so I'm still sporting some screws and plates from that accident.  They splinted the ankle after reducing (setting) it and sent me home.  Saw an orthopedic surgeon on Friday.

Scheduled for surgery on Monday at 2:00pm.  Looks like there's three fractures and of course, it's going to require removal of the current hardware and placement of some new stuff.
So, I tell you all of this to let you know that I'll be back as soon as I can be.  Surgery will be on Monday and I'll stay one night in the hospital, coming home on Tuesday.
I'll check back in with you as soon as I can.  Did I say that already?  I think so.
Please stay with me and know I'll be anxiously looking forward to getting back.
Hugs to all of you,


Coffeypot said...

I'm so sorry, Weezer. When you do something you do it up right, don't 'cha. As I said in my post tonight, I will be in CA next week, but I will be checking in. I pray for you an easier time with this surgery. HUGS!

Carol said...

I will keep you on my prayer list. You and your spirit and your post have lifted me up on days that I know I never let you know that. for that I'm sorry. I've missed your presence. I hope you are back to doing all that makes you happy very soon.

Carol-the gardener

Deb said...

Love your precious heart....I'm so sorry about your accident and the need for surgery. Oh, I cannot even imagine the pain...I've never had a broken bone. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ms. Weezer...In His Love, Deb

Holly said...

OUCH!!! You could have done something LESS dramatic to get on the prayer list, ya' know... ;p I'm envisioning the grab, pull, yell; repeated too many times... I'm SO sorry! Sounds AWFUL!! I hope you don't mind that I did link you up on the prayer list. You are definitely in my prayers!! Love and (((HUGS))), too!!

Patrice said...

I've been sitting her praying for you right now! You poor gal, that sounds miserable. The drag, drag, yell, didn't sound like much fun either!You'll be in my prayers Monday for your surgery.

Blessings and healing!

5thsister said...

Oh dear Weezer! I am so sorry! Of course you'll be in my prayers. And to think I've been complaining about the cold I'm nursing. Take care sweetie!

Coffee Slut said...

Ouch! Sending healing prayers your way!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Well, good grief, what a mess!

I'm sorry you're hurting, scared, worried, out of commission. Of course I will pray for you, your family, and your doctors.

HollyC said...

Oh my! Weezer, you will be in my prayers! I hope everything goes well with your surgery. You'll be on the mend in no time!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

Oh wow! You'd think the old hardware would have held it together?!?!? At least it wasn't your hip!

Sassy said...

OUCH! My heart goes out to you! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope all goes well and that you soon will be on the mend and back to yourself! Take care.... I will be here waiting on you to hear more.

the Chacogirl said...

Oh, poor Weezer! I hope you're not in too much pain right now. I'll be praying for you and for the surgery tomorrow. Hope they can put it all back together again! :)
Hugs from Paraguay, Brenda, the chacogirl.

ShirleyC said...

Oh, goodness! I hate to hear this. I can only imagine your pain. I broke my foot in college, and it was minor compared to yours.
As I get older, I worry so much about falling. I nearly fell backwards into the bathtub last week. I shook for 30 min. just thinking what would have happened.
Please know you will be in my prayers, and check in when you can to let us know how you are.
Hugs my friend!

Annette said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry you have to go through this! I will be praying for you and we'll all be here when you get back! {{hugs}}

Amy said...

Oh Weezer! Sorry to hear of your accident. I guess the score is garden hose, 1 and you, zero...so far. If I were that garden hose I'd be worried about what's going to happen to me come winter. haha

Seriously, I will be praying.

Take care!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

So sorry for your ankle. Do take care of yourself. Get back when you can!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I am so very sorry to hear this. My prayers are with you. And I assure you I will stick with you. Hugs.

Sherri said...

I'll definitely pray for you and for the surgeons as they repair your ankle. I'm glad that it was not any worse. Let us all know how you are doing when you are able.

Mama Kayla said...

Noooo!!! I hate this so much! I hope surgery goes well. I will be thinking of you. :-(

Charlotte said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Accidents happen so fast. Reminds me of when I stepped on the first step getting into our pool with flip flops on about 5 years ago and my foot slipped, it twisted my leg and totally messed up my right knee. I had surgery on it and therapy but that knee will never ever be the same again. I hope your ankle will mend quickly. I know there are a lot of people praying for you. I will put you on the Prayer Request blog for Spiritual Sundays too.
Prayers and blessings to you right now.

Rannyjean said...

I am praying for a quick healing period, broken ankles are no fun!

nannykim said...

I do hope you are doing well after the surgury!!

Rose said...

been away from blogging due to company andother things. sorry about your injury. i broke my ankle but didn't have to have surgery. take care.rose