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Monday, August 02, 2010

Meet Me on Monday (Aug 2 10)

I've left a little surprise for 15 of you in the post beneath this one. 
 Don't get so excited about blog-hopping that you don't notice.
Monday and time for Java's (from Never Growing Old)  Meet Me blog hop.  Just kinda hop around the blog-o-sphere and make some new acquaintances.  Leave comments (with your address) so they'll know you've been there.  Have fun!

What is your favorite holiday? 
It's funny how your perception of holidays change as you get older.  Once upon a time I would have said Thanksgiving because when we were little we'd go to south Georgia to my aunt and uncles place.  Then I would have said Christmas, and I still would except things have gotten so mis-directed that the real Reason for Christmas has gotten lost.  It's still a wonderful thing for my family and me, but hey!!!  This is about me, right?  I love Valentine's Day.  Love.  Flowers. 
 What color clothing do you wear the most?
Hmm.  I'm a redhead so I have to be careful about colors.  I wear a lot of corals, pale yellows, and pinks.  Some pale greens

 What is your heritage?
German, Welsh, Cherokee Indian

 What is your middle name?
JO.  I have an aunt who is Margie Jo, a daughter Angelia Jo, and a granddaughter Shelby Jo.

 What is your favorite cookie?
Rice Krispy treats


Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say Hi!.

I'm your newest follower.

Thank you for share nice blog I like your post :-),

I just post Follow Me Monday, hope you go to check and join us.


my community is http://theblogfrog.com/1233755

Have a nice day.

PS. From; Follow Me Monday and Meet Me on Monday.

the Chacogirl said...

Dropping in from Java's. I wish I didn't have to do the laundry and dishes on Monday, then I could hop to all Meet me on Monday posts!I started to comment on all of them, but I really need to get something done around here today. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.:)
I hope it isn't my comment that turns into dots and squares:)

Annette said...

I love that "JO" is passed along! It keeps everyone connected. Have a great Monday!!

Ace said...

This is my first Meet Me on Monday and it's nice getting around to see everyone. I love your blog header, it's very pretty.

Have a great week!

Coffeypot said...

My favorite holiday is National Procrastination Day. I’m not sure when it is, but I will look it up and let you know. Soon! I promise.

Anonymous said...

Rice krispy treats are yummy! Have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by!