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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friends in Need

I have some friends who are in need of some special love and attention.  They're going through some bad times and can't see beyond them to how beautiful their lives can be if they will just trust.
I rely heavily on you, my blogger friends.  We all probably know more about each other than friends who meet face to face on a regular basis.  We really spill our feelings and emotions into our posts, knowing that others will only read it if they're truly interested.  Unlike a face to face encounter, where the person on the other side of the table could possibly feel that they're a captived audience.
I love y'all and I need every one of you. Truly.  I would be deeply hurt if I found that something had happened to you that kept you from me here.  Each of you adds something new and different to my days.
We all want to be understood and know that there's really and truly someone cares.  I try to understand and I really care.
If I tell you that I'm praying for you, feel 100% positive that your name is lifted up to Jesus daily.
If I say that I've wondered how you are and if things are going all right because you haven't checked in, then I truly have wondered.

Jesus knows all the nitty gritty about us.  Every little detail, good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad.  He knows and He still loves us. We don't have to spill forth all the details to him.  In order for us to be understood by our eartly acquaintances, it's different.  We have to actually tell them what's going on.  We risk rejection or being misunderstood, but that's what we need to do.  How else will things come into clarity if everything isn't brought out into the open.  It can be quite therapeutic to talk it out.  Not to hold it in, but to actually put thoughts and ideas out onto the air.
I'm inspired by the writings of Nancie Carmichael.  I'm right now going through her abook "The Comforting Presence of God".  Many of my thoughts here were inspired by things I've read from her book.
She says, "I can be part of others' healing by having the courage to respond to the honest feelings they express.  Once I have done that, I can pray for them more fervently."  I pray for many in general terms but to know more details, prayers can be more specific.

A prayer from the book:
Give us the courage to be open with others---to receive Your love and grace from them as we see and speak the truth about ourselves.  And then, Lord, to offer healing and garace to others by offering them our presence and our prayers.

James 5:16
"Confess your faults to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed."

Bless you.
This post was inspired by the writings of Nancie Carmichael.


5thsister said...

You are such a blessing! Take care.

nannykim said...

I would say that it is sometimes difficult to be open about things that may involve us & the privacy of another individual-- This would include husband wife things, parent sibling things. Some things are confidential and those kind need to remain private because of trust issues. But things that just concern us ....yes.

Anonymous said...

Awe...what a lovely sentiment you have shared here! Luv ya too! BTW, have you made the switch over to my new location? Would really love to see you there...Hugs...

Merana Leigh said...

Oh my dear friend, you are SO, SO right!!! I swear, I've gotten to the point now that I HAVE to log onto blogger daily. It's a craving, a need to be able to connect & be encouraged by others. I check in here LONG before I check into Facebook anymore...and, admittedly, before e-mail even. ;o}

I'll be praying for your friends! And praising God for people such as you who, tho' I'm not sitting across the table from ya...I anxiously await your posts.

Hugs ~ Merana

Coffeypot said...

I rarely post any personal stuff. I guess if you went back and read some of my stuff you would find a few, but mostly I figure everyone has thoughts, ideas, and opinions - not to mention feelings. So why worry them with mine. The only exception is my disgust and hatred for Obama the Muslim. I do have many who email me and text me on FB with their problems and we work on them together, but that is their business if they want the world to know. I’m just here. An I think you might be too good a lady to be friends with the likes of me. Ruin your reputation.

Deb said...

What a precious post!! So glad we're blogging friends!!!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

How kind.

Feel free to lift up my husband's name, Brad, next time you pray. He, we, would love to know you were sharing us with God.

Not so Molly Mormon After-All said...

I wanted you to know my dear friend, I can totally feel your prayers!!!!!

flip flops and pearls said...

You have my prayers my sweet sweet friend!! I just love and your HUGE heart!!! Prayers for your friend...they are so lucky to have you in their lives.

When you get a chance, shoot me an email please ma'am!

Lots of love to you,
His love and Mine,

Brenda Susan said...

Sweet post and very true. We do tend to share more here than in person with some people.
I will tell you this, Weezer, I sure do appreciate all your wonderful comments on my mumblings! Thanx Friend!