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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I please, please give another award?

Linda at Linsueray
I bought the most gorgeous tote from her Etsy shop.  And it has
dragonflies on it!  She is also making me a smaller version to match. 
Great craftsmanship; high quality.
I have got to get one of her fancy aprons before the fall holidays.

Christine at Digital Corner
Amazing ideas for scrap booking photos.

Laura at Paring Down
Crafty, chic projects

Wonderful jewelry for pregnant women.
And mothers and grandmothers (pregnant or NOT).
I bought a wonderful Belly Button charm from her.

Jessica at Punk Rock Momma
Home-made baby items

Becca at Makin' It
Hand knitted items and cloth diapers

Do you know how many really talented, crafty people there are out there?
I've been checking and it's amazing.  I've actually bought from some of them and I'm so impressed at the quality of work that's displayed in these crafts.
Once upon a time I would have considered myself crafty, but then it was the day of decoupage. Everything that you could stick paper to was glazed and crackled.  It was just one step up from gluing macaroni to paper plates.
But these are real artists today.  You can find just about anything you could want.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Sure you may give out another award! This is one I'll never get!

;) And that's okay.

Tomorrow, though, my alter ego B.H. is taking over my blog. She's a little "old school," she'd probably like your decopage!

Angelia Sims said...

I think the talent in blogland is amazing as well! I could only wish to be so creative.

Linda said...

Thanks so much for this...your little bag should be arriving any day! I'm so glad you are enjoying your tote!!