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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Awareness Wednesday

(Awareness Wednesday is hosted by Holly at Diamond Potential)

I suffer from panic or anxiety attacks.  That's just one of my issues and the one that I fight the hardest to overcome.   Though by definition  a sufferer can sometimes go to any length to avoid places where attacks happen, it's not always that predictable.  I have never been diagnosed to be an agoraphobic, but all the tendencies are there.  During my lifetime, to suffer from such irregularities was just something that wasn't discussed.  It didn't have a name, wasn't talked about, and certainly not made public or open to anyone outside the immediate family.  Along with the panic or anxiety disorders come depression.  And the depression is usually followed by a fear or lack of interest in even leaving the house.  It's not uncommon for me, during a really bad time, to not even leave my yard for several days.  I have avoided visiting with friends.  I have made up excuses for not going to something that I've committed to, only to not have the strength or courage to even open the door and step out.  Most recently, I was to go to the second meeting of my Bible study group on Tuesday mornings.  I was up, dressed, had my lessons done, keys and pocketbook in hand, and could not......could NOT...get out the door to get in my car.  If I'd made it to the car, I would have been okay.  But those few feet from the yard gate to my car seemed like a deep, dark pit that I just couldn't get over.
Agoraphobia and/or panic/anciety attacks occur twice as often in women than it does in men.  Why?  Well, it could be just that women are going to be more likely to seek help and manage the situations with medications or coping mechanisms.  Men, however, are more likely to mask the problem with alcohol to avoid having anyone find out about the disorder.
Men are more less likely to understand what is taking place in a spouse or female friend, often attributing the antisocial behavior associated with this to either hormones or.....yeah, that monthly thing.

(More next week)

I'd like to pass this Award of Awareness on to

my daughter, Jessica, who has so beautifully documented her problems of
agoraphobia and depression on her blog at Adjusting to the World.

And also to Kim at Stuff Could Always Be Worse
Kim suffers from MS and shows incredible strength and courage in dealing with
her illness.

And then there's Terry at My Journey with Candida
She is healing from digestive tract candida.

And you, Java, for raising attention to Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Jessica at Punk Rock Momma
Asperger Syndrome and ADHD

Sueberry at Sueberry Lane
Asperger Syndrome

To these ladies, please link up with Holly, who originated this award, and see her reasons for starting this Award of Awareness.
I know I have others who have causes and I will make every effort to acknowledge them in future posts.


Erin Wallace said...

It's true, we do have a lot in common. I have periods when I don't want to leave the house. I don't want to see people or interact. Oh, and panic attacks just suck, don't they? I've gotten to the point where I can feel them coming on and "breath" them off most of the time, which I'm thankful for. Thanks for bringing awareness to this.

xo Erin

Coffeypot said...

Except for jealous husbands and Barack Obama, I have no true fears, so it is difficult for me to understand your condition. It just seems that knowing you cannot walk out the door, that you could look down and concentrate on taking just one more step. Then concentrating on the next step, until you reach the car. But what do I know. I did go to your daughter’s site and read a few post. She is not only beautiful, but a very good writer, too.

Sueberry said...

Thanks for sharing Weezer. I just put up my own "Awareness Wednesday" post on my blog.

It's not easy writing about stuff like this is it?

Holly said...

Coffeypot: It's not "just that simple". If you haven't dealt with these things, they shouldn't be trivialized. That's what these posts are about. Trying to help people understand the conditions so they can see that things are different for different people and we can and should be compassionate and supportive. I hope your hubs doesn't get jealous often!! To be in the same category as Obamanation is terrifying!! ;p LOL!!

Weezer: Thanks for sharing!! BIG (((HUGS))) and it's nice having such a supportive friend! ;D

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes thanks for the award...will do it soon.

Terry said...

Oh my gosh....I have been so busy that I have not had time to check anyones blogs.

Thank you so much for the Awarness Award. Wow... I am speechless.