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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday #81

Outdoor Wednesday


Karen Mortensen said...

Very beautiful pictures.

Holly said...

Great shots!!
Thanks for stopping by! And especially not believing I look like a grandma!! LOL!!
To be honest, MY odest has been married fro 3 years, next one down is in college and my younger boys are stuck with us a bit longer. However, hubby's 1st wife died of brain cancer and they had 6! So I actually married into being a grandma and we really TRY not to do any SEPARATING. The OLDEST and his family don't play that game too well... *sigh* Anyway, the little girl in the photo is the 4th child's oldest and it was taken a few years ago. She is now 10!
Oh yeah... All my fat stretches more wrinkles out... Photoshop is a wonderful creation, and there's plenty of white hairs mixed into the brown. Hehehe!! ((HUGS))

Sassy said...

Nice... very nice. What kind of camera?

Stuff could always be worse said...

Love the pics, they are beautiful.

Rose said...


http://nannykim-nannykim.blogspot.com/ said...

Love that windmill pic. AND I never get tired of sunsets or sunrises--always so beautiful.

Linda said...

Those are wonderful photos!

That Girl's Deals said...

I love these pics! Thanks for sharing!

I'm a new follower from keepin company Thursday =)

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