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Friday, June 18, 2010

No Jake Braking (Sports Scene)

Okay.  This won't mean a thing to you unless you follow football.

Poor Jake.  My opinion is that it is the ultimate kick-in-the-teeth to have to leave Carolina and go to Cleveland.  The Browns?  Are you kidding?  Does anybody pay any attention to the Browns?  What is a Brown, anyway?!
What a disgraceful thing it was for the Panthers to discard Jake just because of a bad few games.  Hey, you guys!!  Jake wasn't the only player on the field when those interceptions happened.  Where was his coverage?
Forget the fact that Jake just doesn't look good in orange.....who does, really?  But if he's going to play in Cleveland, let's at least give him a chance.  They're only a week or two into camp.  Baseball season isn't even to the All-Star break.  How can you foresee the season at this point?
Let's give credit where credit is due.  Jake took the Panthers to their only Super Bowl in 2004.

I'm probably not going to become a Browns fan, but I'll be watching to make sure Jake is treated right.  He's had some bad games but those few games don't make the entire package of a player.  Give him a chance.  Take in the whole picture and don't judge the poor guy on one season.


5thsister said...

I am the biggest Jake Delhomme fan and so, I will root for him wherever he plays. I even purchased a Jake Delhomme Carolina Panther jersey AFTER he was let go to show my unwavering support. You have a kindred spirit in me, Weezer!

Audra said...

I <3 Jake Delhomme!

He's from right here in south Louisiana!

Oh, and I look FABULOUS in orange, hehe!