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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cadence Rose

As we get closer and closer to Cadence's due date of July 20, we all feel like we already know this little person.  If her ultrasound pictures are any indication, she's going to look like her big sister, Ashley Marie.

Cadence is already loved more than she'll ever know.  We are full of wonder and excitement that she'll be joining us soon. We're being told that she's now about 6lbs 4oz and with a few more weeks to go, we expect that she'll be a good size.

Ashley is being better with this pregnancy than the last.  She's more conscious about what she's eating and taking care of herself better.  She's still dealing with hypothyroid issues and the gestational diabetes, but life doesn't seem to be as 'turned upside-down' as before.
They're watching both Ashley and Cadence closely.  They're doing weekly ultrasound and non-stress tests.  They've seen some extra fluid at the lower back of the head on Cadence and yesterday Ashley went for an MRI.  We don't know what they're watching for.  Doctors being doctors, they're not saying much at this point.
My thoughts are that we already love this little girl so much and however she comes to us will be perfect for Cadence.  Most of us aren't stressing out over what might be, though there are some anxieties and apprehensions for others.  This close to her arrival, what will be will be and all of us will welcome our little Cadence Rose with open arms.
We continue to pray that July 20th will come and by then we will have our 4th little granddaughter to hold, love, and teach.


Stuff could always be worse said...

So great that is is getting very close.
Some comments like your poem, I could add your last name, if you want me to...

Mama Kayla said...

Another grandbaby! Yay! Cadence is such a beautiful name! It is latin for rhythm! I know because it was near the top of our list when choosing a name for Story! I love it. Can't wait to meet her via blogger. :-)

Angelia (Texas) said...

Those ultrasounds are amazing! She will be beautiful and perfect. What a blessing. Ashley looks great. I just love pregnant bellies.