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Friday, June 25, 2010

Good News

Thank you, God, for our many blessings.
Blessings in the here and now.
Blessings yet to be.
Blessings for answered prayers.

Tuesday brought some wonderful news to our family.  We found that the MRI that was done the week before showed no abnormalities in our sweet baby, Cadence Rose.  The extra cranial fluid that was showing up on the ultra-sounds wasn't visible on the MRI.  No hydrocephalus.  Those were the sweetest words I could have read as I scanned the report.    We can expect a healthy baby girl.
Ashley has been able to keep her blood sugars, her blood pressures, and her weight under control.  They haven't changed her due date from the 20th of July, but.........
She's dropped and the baby is already engaged in the pelvis.
She's already starting to dilate.
Last week they were estimating that Cadence was 6lbs 4oz.

We are all feeling so very relieved at the news despite trying not to get ourselves stressed in anticipation of the possibilities.  We know there's still a month possible before the delivery, but oh, how we're looking forward to that day.
Thanks be to God for answered prayers. 
And many, many thanks to all of you who have prayed.  Please continue to pray for a safe delivery for Ashley and that things will be as they should be.