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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea for Two #6

Last Wednesday I had my carpal tunnel release.  As far as I can tell, the procedure was a success.  If you were here with me, you'd have to make our tea.  I'm somewhat limited in what I can do with my left hand.
This is what I woke up to find in the recovery room.  Not at all what I expected for what I knew would be a simple, very routine operation.  I was surprised and somewhat taken a-back by this.  My arm and hand were a full pallette of color.....blue from the bruising (from fingertip to elbow); yellow and orange from the antiseptic; red from the sub-zero temperature in the room.
Fortunately, when I was able to remove the bandages on Saturday afternoon, things weren't as bad as I had feared and were more like what I had anticipated.
I've heard of people who had one hand done and didn't ever go back to have the second done.  I'm wondering why.  It hasn't been a problem except that I didn't know I used my left hand as much as I do.  I don't have a good grip yet and the base of my hand is still numb, but the tingling and numbness, that 'my hand is asleep feeling, is gone.  HOO. RAY!  So if you ever have to have this done, go ahead.  Do it.  It just inconvenient and a bit clumsy. 
This typing is difficult.  Somehow this keyboard seems very long and the reach for the keys is uncomfortable.
So.  I tell you all this to beg your patience.  I'll do posting as I can and comment when I'm under the influence of Lortab.
I've missed all of you and wish you were here to give me a hand.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Oh sorry for your pain but so glad you recovering! Hang in there!

Angelia Sims (Texas) said...

Wow! That looks nappy! It reminds me of when I broke my carpal bone and my radius. Of course I had the 5lb cast up to my elbow. Typing was HECK. I could only use four fingers with my arm hefted all the way up to be straight from my cast. Since I typed for a living I had to do it.

Man, hope you get all healed up. Amazing what we can do as lefty when we have to.

Hang in there!