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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tea for Two #4

Tea for Two
Will you allow me brag about my daughters? 
How special they are to me?
Can we sit, have a cup of tea, and share how great
God's love is to offer us these children.
I have a pot of Ginger Snap with Lemon ready for you. 

April 7, 1973
August 29, 1981
December 5, 1982

These are all dates when I knew without a doubt that there is no limit to the love the heart can hold.  These are the birth dates of my daughters.  Each of them so beautiful and full of love.  Each of them so very different from the others.  Each of them devoted and caring to me.  And each of them a bautiful, caring, loving mother of their own daughter.
My own mother gave me a little hand-made wall plaque years ago that says:
There's a special place in heaven for the mother of three girls.

This must, in deed, be true.  Not for the life lessons learned during the growing and maturing years, but because of the 'special-ness' that comes with having three and experiencing their lives with your own.
And let me tell you that there's nothing....NOTHING.....like watching them grow up and become the mother you hoped they'd be.  Hoping all along that they were listening, that some little glimmer of caring and nurturing was taking root there in their subconscious, to be used later.
I am so proud of them.  I love watching them interact with their own daughters.  It gives me a feeling that I have done my job and that they actually were listening.

Angelia and Shelby Jo

Jessica and Leah May

Ashley and Ashley Marie


Jessica said...

Oh, Mama.....this is so sweet! Thank you for those sweet words today.

And so you know, I'm pretty doggone proud of YOU, too.

Angelia Sims said...

So precious and beautiful, what a lovely tribute and dedication. I know they love you just as much back.

So is Angelia the August birthday, because my birthday is August too!! the 23rd!

Deidra said...

Of course you can brag! They're beautiful!

Stuff could always be worse said...

How great to say this and I feel the same about my daughter. I cannot wait til she has a daughter? I hope!
You should be proud, they are beautiful and the photos are great!