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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy Anniversary

My Mom and Diddy were married 60 years ago today.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Diddy!


Angelia said...

Happy Anniversary to Granny And Grandpa!
I was going to do a post for them too, But I think this covers everything I was going to say and do.
Love you both!

Beccalynn said...

Those cartoons are funny! It makes me wish I knew Mom and Diddy because they sound like pretty awesome folks! Happy Anniversary to them!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Wow love to see the different pics of your parents. So neat the way you have them at different stages of life!

Jessica said...

Love it. Those Pickles folks are TOO perfect!

Angelia (Texas) said...

Wonderful! What a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary to them! 60years WOW!!!

My favorite cartoon was the monotony one, LOL!