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Friday, January 22, 2010

Time with the babies

Ashley Marie is one tough little girl. 
She's looking and acting more like her mother all the time.
In the course of about an hour she hit her head and chin four times and never made a peep or shed a tear. I can see her playing soccer or football when she gets older.  Right now there's not much that's 'lady like' about her.
That last picture.  That's when she's her happiest.  The child loves being naked.

Leah is our little lady.
 She, too, is looking more like her mother.  She's tough like her momma, too, but also very lady-like like her momma.  She can take a hit from a door frame or a book shelf and keep right on going.
The two little girls are only two months apart and it thrills me to be with one and watch how they're learning and growing.  Then when I see the other one, they're at the same level of development.  It's wonderful.


Jessica said...

I love the contrast between the two. Sometimes I wish I could see them through your eyes.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes they are so cute, I have a daughter named Leah and she is 23 soon. Glad to see you at UPrinting

Angelia (Texas) said...

They are adorable babies. You are one lucky lady. :-)

Angelia said...

I enjoy spending time with them when I can. It's a shame Shelby isn't in the mix.