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Monday, January 11, 2010

Some things just aren't forgotten easily

It's been a year since Sadie left us.  It was a hard decision but in her best interest.  Her suffering became more than I could bear to watch.  I still miss her.  Even removing her ornaments from the Christmas tree was painful.  When I put her name on the table cloth with mine, I said, "This will be the last time for Sadie's name."  You would have had to had a dog like Sadie to understand.  If you've ever had a pet that you loved like one of your own children, you'd know.  She was everything I wanted her to be.  She did everything I wanted her to do.  She and I were able to communicate.  She knew my daily routines.

There will never be another like her.  Never.


Angelia said...

sweet baby sister. how she and i loved to lay on the kitchen floor. i miss her tremendously, too.

5thsister said...

Aw! What a special pup. I'm sorry she's no longer with you but, as one who has lost a few pets, I find I am comforted by the memories of the unconditional love they gave us. What a blessing our pets are. Hugs to you!

Beccalynn said...

I really really loved Sadie. She was the first dog I ever liked.

Jessica said...

I still expect to see her laying in the back hallway when I come in sometimes. She will be forever missed. Sweet girl Sadie.