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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Award

I love awards! 
They add such sparkle and zip to blogs, don't you think.
Thank you, Angelia, (Living, Loving, Laughing...) for this award.

To my followers:
Go and congratulate Angelia.  She hit #100 on her blog posts.
I found her through SITS because her name is spelled the same as my daughter's.  I'm so glad
I noticed it and found her. She's become a good blogger friend.
Congratulations, Angelia.  Keep 'em coming.

Also, I think I'm supposed to pass this award on.
So please, if you're a follower of mine, grab this award for your own and display it proudly on your blog.
All of you.  You're all special to me and make my little blog worth while.


5thsister said...

Good for you! Well deserved!

Jessica said...

Well, hurray! Look at you, getting awarded and stuff. Proud of you!

Angelia (Texas) said...

Yea! You deserve it my friend. :-)

You brighten my day, every day!

I'm so glad it was spelled the same. And YES, mine is prounounced Ange(ah)Leah (here in Texas). It's supposed to be ANGEL-Leah. Either way, I like it. You did good spelling your daughters name that way. It's unique. :-)