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Monday, December 14, 2009

That part's done

The decorations are on the tree.  It's not my best effort but for some reason the branches on the tree are flimsy so I wasn't able to use all the beads and some of the heavier ornaments that I would normally use.  It's a fully decorated tree, nonetheless. 

There's a story that goes with many, many of our ornaments.  We've been married for almost 31 years and in March 1979 we combined two households.  He had his ornaments; I had mine.  He had no children; I had Angelia.  So our collections were different.  Some of each collection is a part of what we use today.
We were living in Virginia and his parents came to visit at Christmas.  We had a 2-story house and the bedrooms were upstairs.  Giving my in-laws the master bedroom, and having them there for the holidays, early on I decided to put a decorated tree in the master bedroom for them to enjoy since they were away from their own home.  Many of those ornaments are still being used on our tree. 
The three girls have grown up and many of the ornaments they made in school are there.  Shelby Jo is now almost 8 years old and the ornaments she made and gave to Weezer and GrandDad are there.  We've celebrated major events of many years with Christmas ornaments.  Our decorated Christmas tree is a Family History Tree.
I'd like to share some of these ornaments with you.

2002 - My first Christmas as a Grandmother. 

1981 - Jessica's first Christmas.
Her daugthter's first Christmas ornament will be added this year.

1975 or 1976 - an ornament made by Angelia from an egg shell.  I've managed to keep it intact by putting it in a glass jar when I put the ornaments away.  That's supposed to be baby Jesus in there.

1979 - a wedding gift from a dear friend now gone on to be with Jesus

2005 - Shelby Jo made this in Sunday School when she was 3.

1982 - Ashley's first Christmas (left) and
2008 - Ashley Marie's (Ashley's daughter) first Christmas

1994 - the year I broke my ankle on a bike ride.  This is a knit wine bottle cover that I used to keep my toes warm while I was still in a cast.


5thsister said...

You know what I love most about trees like this is that they truly reflect the lives of the families that put them up. Yeah, magnolia blossoms, bows and ribbons may make a tree pretty, but ornaments such as these make a tree beautiful.

Jessica said...

I had forgotten all about the toe sock. =)

I love looking back at the old ornaments and their memories. It's one of the best parts of this time of year.

Angelia said...

Our tree has become a story book as well.
Shelby is starting to remember certain ornaments now. I love being able to tell her the story of the ornament as it's being put on the tree.