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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"When We Were Little" Wednesday

Up until the time I was about 10 years old or so, I don't remember very many of the family Thanksgivings.  But there is one that I remember some of the details of and I asked my mother to fill in some details for me.  What I do remember is that we were living in Dallas, Texas so that put me in about the kindergarten to first grade range.  My dad (aka Diddy) was teaching ROTC at a high school there.  And for reasons I hadn't remembered until now, my mother cooked a DUCK for Thanksgiving.  The thing I remember most is that the smell from that duck cooking was horrible.  I remember us having to open the doors and the windows to empty the house of the smell.  Here's the rest of the details my mother has filled in.
When was it?   
1956 or 1957
Where did the duck come from? 
One of Diddy's cadets brought it to us.
How'd you cook it and what went so wrong?
I cooked it just like I would have a turkey, dressing inside and wrapped in foil.  All the wild taste remained in the duck.  I was supposed to use rice inside some way to eliminate the wild taste AND, of course, not wrap it in foil.
What did we do after it turned out so badly?
What did I do?  I cried all afternoon.
The next day I cooked a TURKEY and we had Thanksgiving a day late.
All I remember is that it smelled really, really bad.
Not only did it smell bad it probably tasted just as bad!  At least I guess it did since I don't really remember tasting it after we took the foil off.  I had never cooked anything wild before and I don't think I have ever again.

Here, Mom.  In case you decide to try it again.
Call our 24/7 Hotline with Duck Product

or Duck Preparation Questions

1-800-DUCKLING (1-800-382-5546)

This picture is unrelated to the duck story but
 I found it going through some old pictures when I was home.


5thsister said...

We were thinking about doing a Christmas goose this year but now I'm having my doubts!

Angelia (Texas) said...

Ohmygosh! What a cute story. It's such a blessing to have memories like this good and bad to reflect upon. Adorable picture!