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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time Capsule

Remember that I found all those old Readers' Digest and Coronet magazines?
This starts my account of what I'm finding in those oldies.

from "Coronet" magazine
July 1953

I do truly believe that next to religion, which varies for each one of us in its meaning and scope, a love of birds and flowers is the nearest thing to an eternal joy and comfort that we mortals can obtain on earth.
Youth flies, age comes, health departs, children grow up and vanish old friends pass away, the eyes grow weak and reading becomes a chore instead of a pleasure; but unless we grow both blind and deaf, birds and flowers remain to enchant us.  Religion is an inward consolation, but God sends us visible signs of His compassion from without when we rejoice in nature.
~ Eva M. Knight, Bedford Virginia

NBC Television
Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour


5thsister said...

I love it! These are going to be awesome posts!

Jessica said...

If you hadn't been a mere *ahem* two years old at the time that magazine was printed, I would think YOU had written that! That was SO YOU! Thanks for sharing - these ARE going to be great posts!