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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Sincere Apology

To the little lady in the Christmas ornament aisle at Hobby Lobby:
Please accept my apology. I did not mean to frighten you. I meant you no harm. You see, I had been standing in the Christmas ornament aisle with my mother for quite a while. We were looking for specific ornaments that we could personalize for our families. She had wandered away from me to look for goodness-knows-what and I thought that she had returned. Out of the corner of my eye all I saw was the buggy and your dark jacket.
I meant no harm when I grabbed your basket and threw all of those ornaments into it. I know it alarmed you even further when I started talking to you, saying, "Before Leah and Ashley Marie were born I found a plaque that I had personalized with everyone's names. It looked a lot like those." I have to admit that the look on your face when I finally looked at you was a bit confused and comical. Your silence was what made me finally look at you. Imagine my own surprise when I finally realized that I was carrying on with someone who was not who I expected.
I intended to apologize to you again if I saw you. I didn't feel that the half dozen "I'm so sorry" was enough. I suspect that you avoided me since I never saw you again. I hope this experience won't keep you from Hobby Lobby in the future. I'm from out of town and you don't have to worry about our paths crossing again. Maybe when you got home and remembered this, you smiled. Now that I think about it. I was kind of funny.
Signed Red-headed lady in Denver Broncos jacket

P.S. I hope you realized that I'd left a couple of my ornament selections in your buggy before you got to the cash register.


Jessica said...

I am CRACKING UP right now. I've done that kind of thing tons of times but, um, I've never expected the poor unsuspecting stranger to buy my stuff for me. =)

That is SO FUNNY. I can just picture the whole thing.

Ashley said...

That is hilarious!! Way to go, Ma. I can just see the whole thing happening! let that be a warning to all those people who decide that you need to know their life story...Heavens only knows what you'd do to them!

Angelia said...

That is so typical of a shopping trip for the women in this family!
I could only imagine the horrified look on that woman's face.
I only wonder what is she going to do with your stuff? Does she have your kind of imagination?

Beccalynn said...

HA HA!!! That is so funny!!! I LOVE it!!! Wish I could have been a fly on that shopping cart...

Beccalynn said...

HA HA!!! That is so funny!!! I LOVE it!!! Wish I could have been a fly on that shopping cart...

Beccalynn said...