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Monday, October 05, 2009

My Happy Place

The sickly redbud tree that was beside the air conditioner has been taken down. New azaleas, a peony, and a dwarf gardenia have been added. The frog garden is the home of the frog decor. The bird garden is home of the turtle decor and the rabbit garden is.....well, the home of all the rabbits. I spend time out there every morning and usually off and on throughout the day. It's where I love to do my morning prayer and where I can go and sit quietly, meditate. The changes are usually subtle and not always obvious to anyone but me.

Terry has been so wonderful to work on getting all the flower beds walled in and to make it as I've dreamed it would be. I know he must wonder where it's all going to end, IF it'll ever end. I'm afraid I haven't been able to be much help with it. We keep working on it, always looking to make it something better than what it has been.

I guess it's like God working on each of us. Always working to make us better, always there but not always apparent to us. We reap the rewards of His work but don't necessarily know the plan as it's being played out. Only God knows when it'll all be finished. There's still a lot of work to do. Always seeing it as a work in progress.

Be blessed today.


Jessica said...

Amen! Beautiful, Mom. God's working on YOU - I can see it happening.

(as a side note, my word verification says IMAPINTI. I don't know what a PINTI is, but apparently I am one.)