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Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29.... a birthday

A whole day had come and gone and the little baby still had not made an entrance. Had it not been for the weariness and the frustrations and the discomfort, it would have all been just too overwhelming.

Having just reached 4-5 centimeters by midnight, twelve hours into the inducement, things began to progress......and rapidly. The doctor came in for his assessment and told the nurses to get Mom to 'the chair'. Of course, Mom's initial thoughts were that she was going to be placed into a wheelchair and taken to another room. For what, she didn't know. She just knew that she was going to be moved from the room where they had spent the last 16-hours.
To her amazement, they wanted her to walk. Walk! Out her room, down the hall to another room. What she didn't know was that down the hall was a very space-age looking piece of furniture that they called 'the birthing chair'. That was 'the chair' that they were taking her to. Being a very passive person, even in the midst of never-ending labor pains, Mom does as she is told. Or tries to. Before she could get down the hall, gravity began to work. The baby was coming. And Mom didn't hesitate to let them know. "It's coming! It's coming!"
Before Mom could get her body into the chair, before the nursing staff could get Mom's legs into the leg-thingys, here comes the baby. In what has been called a 'little house on the prairie birth', the doctor managed to come sliding into the room in time to catch the baby. No gloves. No clean-up. No gown. Boom! There's a baby!
That was our Jessica Karen's birth. She made her debut at 12:30am on August 29th, 1981... weighing 7 lbs and 12-1/2 ounces.
Happy Birthday, Jessica


Jessica said...


I always tell people I don't like change and never have.....but when I make up my mind, look out! =)