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Friday, June 20, 2008

If you feed them.......

they will come.

Last month we started planting our caladium bulbs. There were so many that we'd ordered that it took three different sessions to get them all into the ground. Who knew that squirrels relied on bulbs for their food in early spring? Each day after a planting, I'd return to the yard to find holes dug into the beds or even find the actually little thieves sitting on the fence with a bulb in their dirty hands, chomping away on our bulbs. It didn't take this happening too many times before I came up with the idea that IF the squirrels had other things to eat that they just MIGHT not eat the bulbs. So I started providing then with their own buffet.

It began with some old pecans that had started to dry out. Now, I'm providing them with a mixture of corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. Each morning, they're all there. Squirrels that I'm sure have come from the next county because they've heard about the All You Can Eat buffet. But, Hey. They're not eating the bulbs.


Jessica said...

That's classic. You hear so many people talk about how they hate that the squirrels eat food they put out for the birds, and you've come up with your own solution: Give them their own! They're so funny.