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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

! ! ! ! !

You Are An Exclamation Point

You are a bundle of... well, something.

You're often a bundle of joy, passion, or drama.

You're loud, brash, and outgoing. If you think it, you say it.

Definitely not the quiet type, you really don't keep a lot to yourself.

You're lively and inspiring. People love to be around your energy.

(But they do secretly worry that you'll spill their secrets without even realizing it.)


Jessica said...

HA! I have to find this one. That's perfect.

Jessica said...

And by the way, you've posted more in the last week than I have.

This can't go on. I must hop to it.

Doesn't help, though, that the biggest thing on my mind is something I'm not at liberty to share yet................