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Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet Me On Monday 103111

1. My current weather is _______?  Really!!?  I was going to say COLD until I saw Java's post.  It's 59 here at midnight.  Clear with a lovely quarter moon.  I guess I don't have anything to complain about, except that when it gets below 70 down here in Georgia, I start to freeze. 

2. What is your favorite sound?  The sound of small children laughing.  Or trying to sing a song they haven't heard before.  My whole life seems perfect when they're happy enough to laugh out loud.

3. What is the worst flavor of ice cream?  I don't like any kind of ice cream that has something hard or lumpy in it.  Nute?  Nope.  Any kind of little chips?  Nope.  But it's hard to find anything that I like any better than Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.

4. What magazine do you look for when you are stuck in the waiting room?  Okay.  Don't laugh.  I like Sports Illustrated.  I used to have my own subscription but since I cancelled it, I feel like I'm getting behind on the big games.

5. What is your favorite condiment?  I'm a big cream cheese fan.   Even tonight, I had a sandwich on a bagel with cream cheese instead of mayo or mustard.  It was pretty good. 


insomnia said...

Usually we use the cream cheese on bagels here, not on sandwiches. I make a mean crab dip out of the soft cream cheese though.
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