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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday blessing ~ A World full of little girls

May the wings of love enfold thee
Night and day;
May the strength of love uphold thee
All life's way.
~ Eugene S. Field
If little girls grew on trees, I would have a basketful
 to take into my heart and home.
(Photo by Weezer)
These are the four little girls that my world is made up of.  How blessed I am that I have lived to see them grow and love.  This was a rare opportunity, to have all four of the girls together.  It was a get-together to honor GrandDad's birthday.
Before you call child services, let me tell you that they did this to themselves.  For a few minutes, even the dog was in there.  I think that was all the invitation they needed.

Dear sweet Cadence.  Oblivious to her surrounds.
Shelby Jo (the oldest at 8 1/2) with
Cadence Rose (the youngest at less than 2 weeks)

Energetic little Ashley Marie, big sister to Cadence
Precious Leah, looking more and more like her daddy.


Angelia Sims said...

They are just precious little angels and a delight to see. You are very blessed indeed. Love and joy burst from their bright little faces.

Rose said...

all of the girls are beautiful. i bet it's wild when they are together in the same room. i bet that they give lot of laughs and good lovin. have a good day

Coffee Slut said...

What beautiful children!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

Such sweet little girls! Love that picture of them in the crate!

Karen Mortensen said...

They are so adorable.