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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Give Away: "What Are The Odds" (CD)

My new friend, Erin, at DroppedStitches,  has a give-away going.
It looks like something that anyone with small children would like to have.

From her blog:
Do you find it difficult to find good children's music that both you and your children will enjoy? You may be happy to know that Meredith LeVande of Monkey Monkey Music (a 2005 Parenting magazine pick) will be releasing a new CD on August 31. What Are The Odds is a blues infused CD with touches of 80's New Wave and a few lovely ballads. These are songs that you and your kids can sing and dance to, while at the same time learning odd and even numbers ("What Are the Odds?"), poetry ("Frogs Eat Butterflies" after Wallace Steven's 1922 poem of the same name), and unity ("Circle").

Please go over and visit her and find out what you have to do to enter for the give-away.  When you get there, you just might want to hang around a while.  It's a great blog.